Stressed after your holiday?

Did you just get back from your holiday and feel as you had never left at all? Are you feeling down, tense, nervous or depressed? All this could be a sign of stress caused by returning home. Hence, during this period it is immensely important not to enhance the existing symptoms through further negative thoughts.
Below we have listed a number of simple rules, which are meant to help you feeling more positive:

  • The most important rule is a slow re-entry into your daily life. As a consequence, it would be perfect to allow yourself a small downtime on arrival, in order to adapt to the changed temperatures and to your old routine back home. If possible, we further recommend a gradual re-entry into your job.
  • Sleep well and lots! Prevent potential sleeplessness with a hot bath or a herbal tea in the evenings.
  • Do some physical exercise! This will be help to reduce stress and relax more easily.
  • Eat well and in moderation.
  • The change from natural sunlight to artificial office light can stress your body and mind. Hence, try to spend as much time as possible outdoors.
  • Gradually it will then become important again to set yourself new goals and face future challenges with a positive mindset.
  • Last but not least, try to spend your weekends with your family and find enough time to relax. This way you will be able to start your week re-energised and feeling positive.

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